Rattan Sports Armour

For 2022 I will be refining my Rattan Sports kits. I have received the most interest and sales in rattan sports equipment, however I am still making items for all who appreciate armour.  These include: collectors; museums;  medieval re-enactors;  HEMA enthusiasts; those who enjoy foam sports combat as LARP; and those who enjoy steel combat sports like BOTN.

Custom Armour

If you have a vision for a particular piece I can turn my workshop towards making your dream come true. The workshop fee is all materials plus $60AUD per hour for custom work.  This includes armouring, leatherworking, sewing, restoring armour and polishing armour. Visit the ordering/ services page for details about how a custom armour commission is organised. Click to email and I'll make it and you collect!

Sales Table

Items come to the sales table in many and varied ways. Some are items made new for stock, others are second hand items in need of a new owner. Either way these items have a set price and the most accurate description I can give them. I offer this service to get more armour into the hands of more people. When you are buying off my table, my word is the most valuable thing you will receive.

Since 1993

Bart Beswick Armour

Shaping steel is so spectacularly difficult that it took humans millennia to discover how to do it, and centuries to develop effective techniques. Human anatomy and movement is so startlingly complicated that we willingly grant those who understand it the power of life and death. Fashion is so ephemeral but influential that empires are built and fall over these whims every year. With every act of creating armour I march into these conditions with eyes wide open, invigorated by the challenge.

You could order from an international armourer and hope for a fair salesperson and good fit, or you can order from me and understand you are protected by Australian consumer laws and be measured in person at my Canberra workshop.

I studied in the workshop of one of Australia's best armourers, and constantly learn from every source I can including visiting the armouries of Europe.

"More people adoring armour" is my goal. I want people to wear my armour, to adore my armour, and to keep it as art.