2nd Hand Armour – Stainless Spangen

While it is a second hand item, this 1.8mm stainless steel spangen construction helm has never seen combat use. I have installed a 1.6mm mild steel perforated plate on the face plate. The helmet has a good clean look, and looked fantastic after a few minutes polishing.


The installed face plate makes it fit rattan combat rule sets, or it would make a great LARP helmet.

Size:  Medium 56cm head

Historical Reconstruction – 7/10; Combat Durability – 8/10;

Low Weight – 5/10; Required Maintenance –  9/10

Price: AUD $375

Weight - 4.2 kg

Offer: If you are able to come to the workshop in Mitchell at an agreeable time, I will fit and shape the bottom plate.

Required: The purchaser will need to drill chinstrap holes and provide padding.

Purchase – Email me using ysambart@gmail.com or the contact form. Payment is accepted via cash, PayID, BSB transfer, or Paypal (gift).  Pickup in Canberra is recommended. For a fee I can add packaging and post the item/s. I use Australia Post.

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