2nd Hand Armour – T-Face

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This T-Face helmet has been optimised for SCA war, and would be a reasonable starter archer helmet. It has Archery mesh welded into the T-Face slot, so is not suitable for historical re-enactment, but would work for SCA or LARP.

This helm has seen solid use, and the construction method is sound but not very clean and is no longer symmetrical. It had mild rust, and has some pitting.  It is made of 2mm mild steel.

Size:  Medium

Historical Reconstruction – 4/10; Combat Durability – 7/10;

Low Weight – 6/10; Required Maintenance –  6/10

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Weight - 2.95kg

Purchase – Email me using ysambart@gmail.com or the contact form. Payment is accepted via cash, PayID, BSB transfer, or Paypal (gift).  Pickup in Canberra is recommended. For a fee I can add packaging and post the item/s. I use Australia Post.

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