2nd Hand – Gorget, Body Armour, Shield, Legs

Whole kit as is – $500. Whole kit with strapped legs – $575

As new Unstrapped legs AUD $200. If You would like these legs strapped for you, AUD $275.  Black Vegetable tanned leather uppers with stainless steel knees.  Suggested for rattan armoured combat (SCA). Never actually used. Upper point to middle of the knee = 35 cm. Suggested operator height 160+ cm. Could be modified for a shorter person by cutting the leather.

Used Gorget – AUD $50. Strapped. Medium-large size. Steel on leather construction. Suggested for rattan armoured combat (SCA).

Used Body Armour –  AUD $200. Heavy leather and 1.2mm mild steel plate defences. Strapped. Medium to large style. This is a heavier body armour, designed to absorb a lot of sting at the cost of higher weight. Very rugged construction. Suggested for rattan armoured combat (SCA).

Very lightly used shield – AUD $100. Steel boss, and aluminium edging with glued down rope to absorb blows. Missing the edge covering, but the fine lacing holes are drilled. Lace and edging and this shield would be ready to go.

Historical Reconstruction: 3/10

Combat Durability: 8/10

Low Weight : 3/10

Required Maintenance : 9/10

Purchase – Email me using ysambart@gmail.com or the contact page. Payment is accepted via cash, PayID, BSB transfer, or Paypal (gift).  Pickup in Canberra is recommended. For a fee I can add packaging and post the item/s. I use Australia Post.

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    1. Hello Karen, I’ll email you. Unfortunately this comment came in after the legs and gorget were already spoken for via a direct email.

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