The catalog lists the pieces that have been previously created and tested by BBA and are available to be made again for you. Each item has a description, and estimated build time and an estimated cost. These estimates are for unpadded and unstrapped items.


Bascinet (Head) with Faceplate (face)

A simple and elegant helmet and bascinet in 2.0mm mild steel.

6 hours $300 painted finish

9 hours $450 polished finish


Gorget (Neck) 

Militia grade sports armour to protect the neck in 1.2mm steel

1 hour $50 painted finish

1.5 hours $75 polished finish


Coat of Plates (Body Armour)

Militia grade sports armour coat of plates designed to go under a Gambeson (padded jacket)

6 hours $300


Elbow (or knees)

A simple, single pieces of elbow or knee armour in 1.6mm steel

30 minutes $25 painted finish

45 minutes $40 polished finish


Elbows and gutters (forearms)

Militia grade Sports armour. A single one sided forearm protector with a single elbow in 1.6mm steel. Designed to be used together for rattan sports sword and shield users.

1 hour $50 painted finish

1.5 hours $75 polished finish



Militia grade sports armour. A single Bazuband includes integrated forearm guard and elbow protection. They are made from 1.6mm mild steel.

1.5 hours $75 polished finish


Knee and thighs

Militia grade Sports armour. A pair of thigh plates and a pair of knees in 1.6mm steel.

3 hours $150 painted finish

4 hours $200 polished finish