For Sale – 2nd Hand Display Helmet

This Kettle style helm was made by another armourer for display purposes. It was reconstructed as a basic infantryman's basic head protection, and is used to look medieval doing display tasks. It had medium rust on the upper surfaces.  I have given it a quick sand to remove the rust. There is black discolouration after the 40 grit wheel was used. There was not a significant amount of metal lost to the rust.  The lower surfaces were protected with black paint and I presume the metal there is well preserved. The lining is in good, usable condition.

The size is such that my large head (62 cm) fits comfortably without a liner, a medium size head would want a padded cap, and someone with a small head would want a very heavily padded cap. The weight is 1.65 kg. The metal is 1 mm steel. I cannot determine is it is hot rolled or cold rolled.

Historical Reconstruction – 6/10; Combat Durability – n/a;

Low Weight – 5/10; Required Maintenance –  5/10

Price Options:

"I just want it as is" - AUD $100

"Could you please prime it and paint it one or two basic colours" - AUD $175

"Please polish it for three hours and try and get the polish as high as you can" - AUD $250

Purchase – Email me using or the contact page. Payment is accepted via cash, PayID, BSB transfer, or Paypal (gift).  Pickup in Canberra is recommended. For a fee I can add packaging and post the item/s. I use Australia Post.

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