Custom Armour

Standard Items

Standard Items are those for which the prototyping, patterning, and test pieces and sales pieces have been produced, and the amount of work in completing these are well known enough to give an accurate estimation of the price. While still commissions, the prices are much easier to estimate in advance.

Standard items, unless stated, have been developed for use for the rattan sports community.

Those looking for accurate historical replications will look at the top levels in the standard items to gauge likely prices.

Gorget (Neck Armour)

Spaulders (Shoulder Armour)


Quite often there is no off the shelf option for getting into armour. In order to make what you want into reality, we need to communicate exceptionally clearly.

For some the best option for making the plan is to have a face to face meeting in Canberra. If this is not possible, we will use email or the contact form.

Your first step will be where you make a proposal outlining what you want. I strongly suggest using the template below.

After discussion I will write a plan outlining what I believe I can do and giving a material fee and an estimate of hours required to complete the commission, and an estimate on when the piece will be started and completed.

My current workshop rate is AUD $50 an hour.

The deposit will be the entire materials fee and half the estimated workshop hour, which must be paid before work commences.

If you find the plan and the price estimate agreeable I will accept the commission.

Progress on all accepted commissions will be posted on this website in the "Progress" blog. By request the job can be kept as a secret for surprise presents etc.

Armour Decision Point

The Template:

1) Silhouette
2) Time Period
3) Geographical Area
4) Historical Example
5) Social Status
6) Leg Suspension
7) Correct Layers versus Your Layers
8) Weapon Fitout
9) My Compromises.

The Guide

The template above should be used to describe the armour you wish to receive. If you would like some help with some of the terms used, please feel free to go to my blog and use the guide I have written. It includes descriptions to help with each numbered category, and includes completed examples as well.