Stock Item: Armoured Surcoat

This armoured surcoat (AUD $275) is designed as way to armour your torso and lift your field appearance.  It consists of a simple cloth garment with a heraldic design machine embroidered on the front. The garment has been sewn in such a way that there are flaps that come around from the rear and tie at the front. The front of the surcoat goes over this. There are 1.0 mm stainless steel plates riveted into the fabric that covers the back, sides and front of the lower torso.  To wear this correctly it must go over a padded garment and needs to be secured with a belt.

OPTIONS: I can armour a surcoat you supply with 1.0 mm stainless plates for $200. As connectors I have soft iron nails or silver or gold “speed” rivets.

OPTIONS: This whole garment could be ‘sewn under’ a tabbard or surcoat you supply for $100.

Suggested operator height 165-200 cm

Historical Reconstruction: 3/10

Combat Durability: 6/10

Low Weight : 7/10

Required Maintenance :  8/10

Purchase – Email me using or the contact page. Payment is accepted via cash, PayID, BSB transfer, or Paypal (gift).  Pickup in Canberra is recommended. For a fee I can add packaging and post the item/s. I use Australia Post.



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